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Business In Short (eBook)

Business In Short (eBook)

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Business In Short book is based on the rule of Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, quote by Leonardo Da Vinci. The first impression of this quote creates confusion with deep meaning, but yet very simple. This book is simple way to understand and implement business as a lifestyle. Simplicity of this book is about the presentation of a one-year course for an individual to read, research, and implement a business word in just two days in every new week. We are not going to over consume you.


This book is designed in a way that interacts with the reader in terms of providing the two days activity based on the word in every chapter. Imagine that every chapter is a new quest, and the way to success is completing all the quests.


Simply said, you are requested to have your business world simplified and improved by means of two days activities. In Day One of every chapter, you read more about the word and related topics, and you plan your Day Two actions. Day Two is about implementation, you Conduct, Review, and Correct every actions implemented.


People would say, how do I know if I have done it right? The simple answer is, in business world, it is about perception. You follow your instinct, passion, without breaking the rules and regulations.

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