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We started our story in Feb. 2017, after the strategic expansion of the mother company “Al Muhandis Integrated Services” that was established back in 2015 focusing on IT solutions and graphics designing. Phase 1 expansion consisted of establishing a marketing specialized company named “Kalima”, and an events management company named “Golden Leaf”. However, this did not slow the growth, and Phase 2 expansion occurred just by June 2017 where “Solar Hornet” company was formed on the foundation of Injaz Oman 2015 winning company “Eureka” in a re-direction towards renewable energy. As support to this formation, the fifth company was formed “Al Muhandis & Co.” specialized in technical & economic consultancy. In 2018, four more companies joined the train in the purpose of providing specialized services in Blockchain as "Rabitah", Corporates management as "Micro", In-Country Value as "ABC", and strategically forming MADA as an independent firm rather than a product. In 2019, Al Muhandis Business Development  formed to manage all investments of Al Muhandis Group including private equity, and project based investing. 

Our Message & Values
Creating Value, and making difference in Omani market.
Serving Oman, by Resources of Oman, for Sustainable Oman.

Who are the shareholders? Young ambitious Omani highly skilled entrepreneurs.

Where are we now? Maintained group capital growth of more than 500 multiplier by end of 2019 (including the assets), and operating a digital distribution office branch in UK under registered name “Al Muhandis Integrated Services Ltd.”. Our Pre-Money Valuation is marked at least $7.1M on Middle East & London Market.

Proud to serve you.


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