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SMEs EXPO (Ebda'at Omania 4)

Under the message of "Sustainability", Riyada, Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Public Authority for Hand Craft, Rafd Funds, and Oman International Exhibition Center organizes the forth version of Omani Creativeness Exhibition that will be held in the period between 28 - 30 November in Oman Conventions & Exhibitions Center.

The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the sectors stated in the Sultanate's 9th five-years plan including tourism, logistics, manufacturing with corners including innovations, the winners of Entrepreneurship Award, and Green Economy.

It is also significant to mention that the exhibition is held in Oman Conventions & Exhibitions Center due to the fact it is a new facility with new technologies at the highest standards. The change is aimed not only to showcase new location, but also to change the experience of the participants and the visitors of the exhibition.

The exhibition is over, but its light still shines.


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